Franchising 101 – Success is a Happy Franchisee feat. Town Square – Episode 166

In this episode of Franchising 101, Tim Parmeter interviews Peter Ross, CEO and co-founder of Town Square. They discuss the unique franchise opportunity offered by Town Square, which aims to provide a cost-effective and engaging experience for seniors. With a nostalgic 1950s and 60s town square theme, Town Square offers a variety of activities and venues to keep seniors active and stimulated. Peter shares his personal journey in franchising and his mission to help families find quality care options for their aging loved ones. Listen in to learn more about the simple and profitable business model of Town Square and their focus on happy and successful franchisees. 

Visit the Town Square website to Learn More 

Senior Helpers website 

Episode Highlights

  •  About Town Square

  •  Peter's Journey in Franchising

  •  Town Square's Concept and Customers

  •  Creating a Unique Senior Care Experience

  •  The Impact of Town Square

  •  The Business Model of Town Square

  •  Testimonials and Growth of Town Square

  •  Making a Difference with Town Square

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