Franchising 101 – Sweating for Success: The Beem Light Sauna Franchise Opportunity – Episode 160

Listen in as Tim Parmeter talks with Jordan Reed, the Director of Franchise Development for Beem Light Sauna about the straightforward, low-labor model offered by Beem Light Sauna. Beem Light Sauna is a franchise concept focused on infrared sauna and red light therapy services with numerous health benefits and a growing popularity. Jordan shares her journey into franchising, what Beem looks for in potential franchise owners, insights into real estate requirements, and the extensive support provided to franchisees, making Beem Light Sauna an appealing and potentially very lucrative franchise opportunity.

Episode Highlights: 

0:00 – Introduction

2:18 – Jordan’s journey into franchising

3:50 – Overview of Beem Light Sauna’s services

5:22 – Benefits, history and scientific background of infrared sauna and red light therapy

10:35 – Franchise Owner Qualities

11:52 Possibility of being a semi-absentee owner

12:34 Staffing and Labor Model

14:54 – Real Estate Requirements

16:34 – Marketing and Support Provided to Owners

20:45 – Closing and How to Get In Touch with FranCoach

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